First Grade.

by admin on May 2, 2012

Watercolor/recycled paper.

Artist: One smart kid


by admin on April 26, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about privacy lately because I work in this area.

Many are reticent to put anything online or are constantly changing passwords for fear the information will be taken. Sometimes it borders on paranoia. I am more worried about giving my credit card over to the bar tender who makes minimum wage or the neighbor that happens to walk her dog when I am home so that she can accidently on purpose peer into my window. Online protocols are safer in my estimation.

Facebook privacy settings are so complicated now that I can’t keep up with them. If you are worried about privacy don’t be online. Don’t own a computer. Don’t do electronic banking. Don’t photo share. Don’t go to a hospital. Don’t write email. Don’t keep paper records in fact. Don’t use shopping cards. And don’t hazard confiding in a friend.

I guess I trust people. And I’m not going to change.

Being the Cool Kid

by admin on January 8, 2011

I live on a bus route and no matter the time of day, every 10 minutes or so I see one go by from my window. What I’ve observed is that people almost always cluster in the back seats even when the bus is only partially full.

Now I know that the bus driver isn’t telling people to do this and my logic if I entered the bus would be to select a seat up front where I could easily converse with the driver, get off quickly and have space around me to set down my belongings.

I can only assign these bus dynamics as a throwback to being children and the back of the bus is where the cool kids sat. So there, I must not have the cool gene.

On Giving (and Receiving)

by admin on December 15, 2010

I went to a wedding ceremony when I was twelve or so.

There was a really proud older woman there during the present opening. When it came time for her gift, it was a simple set of dish cloths that you can buy at any local shop. Still, it was wrapped with a bow. When the bride opened it, this woman told her that it was something she thought any couple would want starting out their life together. The bride was gracious and as thankful of it as any other gift she received that day. It may not have been gilded china purchased from a registry, it was thoughtful.

This woman – and I don’t know her name – had it right.

ctrl alt delete

by admin on November 11, 2010

The simplicity of street art.

Handmade billboard.

Sliding Doors

October 29, 2010

A beautiful and overlooked movie by Peter Howitt. Gwyneth Paltrow with a perfect English accent and John Hannah – the always adorable Scotsman. Lovely. I am glad I turned left at Albuquerque.

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October 24, 2010

Pudding in the UK is not a creamy dessert. It is a sweet after dinner. And although it has taken me a long time to get used to, it is a charming term. If MasterChef accepts my application, I’ll win them over with Ambrosia. I can take on Trifle any day.

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October 22, 2010

I grew up in the Sunshine State. And that is not an understatement. By the time you got ready for work and ventured out to your car – you already wanted to have another shower. Sometimes the sun would be so blinding if you didn’t have sun glasses you’d have to pull over the side [...]

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September 20, 2010

I get asked this all the time. A crankpin connects one object to another allowing a mechanism to work. Don’t ask me about electricity. I still haven’t figured that one out.

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About New York

September 11, 2010

When I arrived in New York by way of a UHaul truck early morning in August driving down Broadway (with my head down to avoid the paparazzi) I had been up all night. My apartment was about the size of a dorm room. The couch I cherished from Arhaus would not fit up the stairs [...]

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